"The Daily Burn" - by Chris Cotter $14.95


Finally! Here is a step by step program that will transform your guitar playing. The Daily Burn combines a daily practice routine with an effective practice log and progress tracking system into one easy-to-use workbook that really works. You will see and hear improvements in all aspects of your playing each day, no matter what your current skill level. Using this simple system, you will develop the "Four Pillars" of guitar technique: accuracy, dexterity, strength, and speed. You will be playing in top form, giving you the freedom to achieve your guitar playing goals. You will open and use this book every day.


  • Functional book/workbook combination
  • Over 200 daily practice sessions
  • Maximize efficiency and effectiveness of practice sessions, rehearsals and performances
  • Find, isolate, and eliminate "problem areas" in technique
  • Produces precise synchronization between the hands and fingers
  • Helps reduce tension and strain due to improper technique and ineffective practice habits
  • Avoid and/or recover from "musicians injuries" such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis
  • Improved technique, physical and mental preparation will allow you to play at you best in any situation at any time