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Do you want quality guitar lessons in Jamestown that give you the value and results that you deserve?

  • Do you want to learn guitar but don't know where to start?​​​​
  • Are you trying to learn on your own and not making progress?
  • Do you already play guitar and need to improve your skills?


You are in the right place...We can help you today!

  • Are you overwhelmed with info from the internet and other sources?​  
  • ​​Are you frustrated and ​need help? 
  • Are you ready to stop struggling?
  • Are you ready to start feeling great about your guitar playing?


If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, Your solution is right here.

My name is Chris Cotter, and I will work with you as your teacher, trainer, and coach to design a program for you that is based on your needs, your goals, and providing you with the best solutions available. Guitar Lessons are not a "One Size Fits All" product ...You are unique and you need, and deserve, a guitar lesson program that is as unique as you are.

progress ~ results ~ guaranteed

You will get everything you need.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to learn guitar? 

I know exactly how this feels. You are not alone. I will provide you with the support you need, every step of the way through your guitar lessons. 

You will overcome this feeling of being overwhelmed so you can be free to enjoy playing the guitar. You will experience an innovative learning environment dedicated to integrating everything you learn - all in one program...Your Program. 

You will never be alone or left to wonder what to do next. I will be there every step of the way to ensure that you have everything you need to get the most from your guitar education program.

You will get the results you deserve


Have you ever been frustrated with your rate of progress on the guitar? 

What I've found, is that the key to making progress on the guitar is to enjoy the process of learning. This means knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to apply and use what you learn. 

Most times, teachers will tell you to simply "practice this" or "practice more", and this is often what causes frustration in the first place, especially if you are just starting out or are currently stuck not really knowing what to do next. But learning the guitar is not about quantity of practice or information, it is about quality. 

I will teach you the concepts and skills you need to reach your goals and how to work efficiently to maximize your progress and increase your enjoyment of the learning process.

You will learn faster ... Guaranteed.


Have you tried guitar lessons in the past and been disappointed? 

I have been there myself. And I have found that the reason you are disappointed is that most traditional guitar lessons are delivered in a "One Size Fits All" or "Cookie-Cutter" fashion. That is, each student is given the same material to be studied in a "method" that proceeds in a linear fashion from one concept to the next. 

However, the traditional music lesson setting is not always the most effective way to get good results for the guitar student. Why? Because it doesn't focus on YOU, the student.

To get the results you deserve, you need a lesson program that is custom-designed for you. I will work with you to ensure that your lesson program is as unique as you are. 

program options


"Without Chris Cotter's Guitar Lessons in Jamestown, my guitar playing would be what it was before we began: Boring. Because of Chris' teachings, I can call myself a "smart" guitar player. I feel more versatile and effective in all scenarios. Chris helped me to develop not just a knowledge of the guitar, but a better understanding of music in general. All in all, Chris Cotter just gave me a voice. I know what I sound like, and I know how to make those sounds possible, all thanks to our lessons together."

~ Caelan Register - private guitar and ensemble student 


“Chris Cotter is the only teacher that has given me the tools it takes to succeed at not only playing the guitar but in all of areas of learning; some that I asked for and some that I didn’t even know I needed. Chris has a vision for each of his students that surpasses their own goals and drives them toward a greater goal; personal progress.  His lessons hit hard in areas much more valuable than musical ability: commitment and discipline that expands creative minds.  My guitar guru is Chris Cotter, he has inspired me to take on the methods I’ve learned with him in his lessons in my everyday life.”
~ Hayley Restivo
Private Guitar and Group Class/Ensemble Student 2012-2014
Recording artist, film composer, vocalist, and lyricist

even more benefits...

Guitar Lessons Jamestown, NY benefits

Guitar lesson programs designed for you and your specific needs, goals, and interests.

​An experienced, qualified, and reliable instructor trained as member of the EGTIC.

Unique and innovative teaching methods that keep your lessons fresh and interesting.

Classes, Workshops and Seminars to give you fun and exciting learning experiences

Fast results, so you are always playing music. Right from the very first day.

​A clean, safe, and professional learning environment. Conveniently located in Downtown Jamestown.

​I am 100% Committed to your success!


“It has been a great experience for Kailen. He is progressing very well after only a few months and he really enjoys his lesson time. It is great to have a format that allows us the flexibility to work with my work schedule. I have already referred people to you.”
~Nickole Kinne, Parent

“I rate my experience a 10/10 because Chris has bent over backwards to help me achieve my goals. The quality of the lessons is great, and I continue to get the material that I feel is taking me in the right direction.”
~Dan Schroder, Student

“We are having an excellent experience. Ben is excited about learning and cannot wait until his next lesson. Scheduling is awesome and flexible and really works for us. Your enthusiasm and excitement is contagious. We love it.”
~ Chad and Patty D’Angelo, Parents​

trained with the most elite group of teachers in the world

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