Student and Client Testimonials​

"Without Chris Cotter's lessons, my guitar playing would be what it was before we began: boring. Because of Chris' teachings, I can call myself a "smart" guitar player. I feel more versatile and effective in all scenarios. Chris helped me to develop not just a knowledge of the guitar, but a better understanding of music in general. All in all, Chris Cotter just gave me a voice. I know what I sound like, and I know how to make those sounds possible, all thanks to our lessons together."

~ Caelan Register - private guitar and ensemble student 2012-2014

“With Chris Cotter’s training and mentorship I released my first full-length album when I was only 17 years old and then play for a 2,500 audience count show at the end of the following summer, to then pack up and head for a prestigious and selective conservatory in New York City.  Chris Cotter is the only teacher that has given me the tools it takes to succeed at not only playing the guitar but in all of areas of learning; some that I asked for and some that I didn’t even know I needed.  
Chris has a vision for each of his students that surpasses their own goals and drives them toward a greater goal; personal progress.  His lessons hit hard in areas much more valuable than musical ability: commitment and discipline that expands creative minds.  My guitar guru is Chris Cotter, he has inspired me to take on the methods I’ve learned with him in his lessons in my everyday life as a scholar, as a writer, as a musician, and as a friend.”
~ Addison Moon
Private Guitar and Group Class/Ensemble Student 2012-2014
Songwriting and Creative writing; double conservatory major at SUNY Purchase
Recording artist, film composer, vocalist, and lyricist

Every guitar player has to answer an innumerable amount of questions throughout their career: first of all, do they want a career? What are their goals, where do they want to be down the road? What can they learn and how do they learn it? But the biggest move they can make as musicians is to find a teacher. So what type of teacher do you need? You need someone who has experience, someone who’s done what you want to do. You need who’s been taught how to play and, perhaps more importantly, how to teach. Someone who knows what you need even when you don’t know. I found all of these things with Chris Cotter. Chris knows how to find what his students need, and he knows how to teach them. He’s been in bands all over the East Coast and internationally. Chris is a teacher with experience; he knows how to be a rock star and he knows how NOT to be a rock star. And, not only as a teacher who took my playing and understanding of music to incredible new levels, but also as a close friend, I have a lot of things to thank him for. The most important thing Chris taught me was how playing music and living your life are inseparable from one another.
~ Joshua Reuter, Student

"Taking electric guitar lessons from Chris Cotter was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I don't know where I would be today without my music and my beloved band mates. Without Chris, I can honestly say that I probably would have quit music all together. 3 years ago I never would have thought that I had the potential to be what I am today: a top musician and lead guitarist in a badass rock and roll band. So here's a shout out to my inspiring teacher and close friend, Chris, who taught me not only how to understand the guitar, but also to not give up on myself just because of a frustrating riff. He taught me that I have the potential to be exactly what I want to be. You don't need luck and you don't need talent. You just need to want it and put forth the effort. So thank you, Chris, for teaching me that valuable lesson.
~ Ana Pellerito, Student

​"To become just an ordinary guitarist, you really only need an ordinary teacher. But when given the chance for instruction from Chris Cotter, you are not only inspired and trained to play the guitar effectively, but gain a true mentor."                

~ Garrett Zimmer - private guitar student 

"An inspiration to my son Austin. You have helped my son achieve a personal goal by winning Chautauqua's Got Talent 2014. He won with his voice and exceptional guitar talent with your help. Thank you!"

​ ~ Connie Wynn - parent

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